• Anne Kuorsalo

    When talking to the descendants of the displaced Karelians and Istrians, one often hears that their stories could not be properly heard during most of the Cold War period. Those were sensitive years, and the precarious balance of powers was paramount.

    This was reiterated recently by Anne Kuorsalo, a Finnish journalist and author, active in the Finnish Society of Children Displaced by the War. In her opening speech at a commemorative event held in Kangasala, Finland, Anne spoke about 'closet Karelianism' in the post-war period. After decades of being hidden in a closet, the Karelian identity is now considered a badge of honour for anyone who can claim some connection to the evacuee story.

  • This is an accepted manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis in Rethinking History on 20 November 2014, available online: